Capítulo 2 – Quick Comprehension Quiz Results

Five minute/15 item quiz based on the information/CI from this chapter which we used to play Todos para uno. Short answer and fill-in.

What I noticed:

  • They understood the Spanish sentences they were reading.
  • They remembered what happened in the chapter.
  • They used new words/structures from the chapter or wrote other answers in Spanish which conveyed the correct information. The new vocabulary was nowhere on the quiz.
  • This was a complex task that they did easily even though they hadn’t seen the book for several days.
  • All kids used verbs that made sense. However, many of them didn’t write all the verbs in the correct tense/correct subject agreement all the time. Many are still focused on the root meaning–not the details. (More comprehensible input needed, not verb drills.) My top kids really notice the little details and have better accuracy. The number of hours these kids have heard/read Spanish matches the kinds of developmental errors they make.
  • There was only one answer of all the answers that just didn’t make sense. The student obviously did not understand some key words in the question.
  • They applied new structures/vocabulary appropriately. This wasn’t a Spanish to English translation exercise.
  • Class averages: 90%

Cool. We can move on. They are ready.

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